Predator control

I have a few projects on the go at the moment relating to predator control. Earlier in the year I submitted a report to Wild Animal Initiative (previously Wild Animal Suffering – Research) under their small grants programme. Using some of the content that I had researched for that report I wrote a paper which is currently under review for publication in a special edition of the journal “Animals”. More news on that when I hear from the journal!

Later in the year I will be running a workshop on Predator control at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona. This is an interesting topic for me as it is taking me away from a solely marine focus to a more general consideration of large carnivore management. Bringing together experts from different fields is interesting – perhaps terrestrial experts can learn from marine experts and vice versa!

New publication!

I am pleased to announce that the article “A Global Reassessment of Solitary-Sociable Dolphins“, which I co-authored with Mark Simmonds, is now available online. Unfortunately these animals face many welfare challenges and their interactions with humans often lead to them being injured or dying. Please follow the link to the article if you would like to find out more about recent cases of these animals and to read about how we can better protect them.